Strategic Insights

About Brandwidth Global

We bring new creativity to the science of consumer insights.


Category Insights

Critical insights about the category and the product. Represent our analytic effort to make sense of our consumer insights and business intelligence

  • Brand Equity
  • Frame of Reference
  • Brand Limitation
  • Analysis of Market Opportunities

Growth Strategies

  • Communication Strategies: Growth strategies that focus on brand communication
  • Business Strategies: Growth strategies that focus on product development, marketing channels, distribution, target, positioning etc.

Insights Inventory

Building conclusions and strategies based on review and analysis of the existing research

  • e.g. Consumer Profile Insights Inventory: Definition and holistic description of consumer  based on fragmentary syndicated MRI data

Brand Essence

A set of core values that define a DNA of the brand and captures the spirit of the brand


A succinct description of the core target audience to whom a brand is directed, and a compelling picture of how that consumer should view the brand relative to competition

  • Target
  • Frame of Reference
  • Point of Difference
  • Reason to Believe

Creation of new Brand Equities

Creative development of new and unique brand equities based on results of research and analysis. New equities allow to grow the brand and expand the category

Messaging ideas

Ready-to-use outlines of media campaigns

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