Structures of insight

Structures of Insight

We bring new creativity to the science of consumer insights.

Brandwidth brings together a set of unique tools that by design or accident compels the unseen insights to reveal themselves.

The core of Brandwidth is understanding how emotions access data and how data drive emotions.

What we deliver in a new type of traditional market information that will set the standard from here on in. Whether you’re introducing a new gum, or have a Diabetes 2 drug that needs to be re-engineered into the mind of your patients, or whether your technology brand (think Apple) is running afoul of the market place and you need new concepts to reinvigorate your brand you’ve come to the right place.

We look at the reality of consumer behavior through new behavioral models.

Structures of Insight structures-phenomenal structures-cognitive structures-multi structures-accidental structures-interpretative

Learn more about Our research process and and Experts who uncover the insights.

We study human behavior to identify insights that drive growth.

Learn more about our method and our past projects, or contact us to find out how Brandwidth can help your business.