Phenomenal experience

Phenomenal Experience

Knowing vs. Experiencing

When you know a fact, the knowledge interacts only with certain parts of your mind; when you experience that fact, it interacts with many more parts of your being.

What is the difference between knowing that the Mona Lisa hangs in the Louvre and actually seeing it hanging in the Louvre?

What is the difference between knowing that children are starving in Africa and seeing the children?

Phenomenal experiences change the quality of who you are.

Value of Phenomenal Experience Approach

  • We understand the concepts people use to explain themselves to themselves, their own subjective world.
  • The Phenomenal Experience approach allows us to be unbiased.
  • We do not interfere in the way people interact or express themselves
  • We interpret the meanings through understanding the difference between the objective and subjective experience, how subjective emotions access data, and how data drive emotions.
  • We go both Broad and Deep: We draw objective observations out of subjective experience.


The Phenomenal Experience approach lets Brandwidth develop new paths to arrive at insights that have remained dormant due to the lack of adequate research tool to get at them.

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