Interpretative tools

Interpretative Tools

Brandwidth is highly experienced at exploring and interpreting consumer generated conversations by organizing them into meaningful structures of insights which allow for powerful single global and local visions.

Metaphors, Framings, Life Themes & Paradoxes

  • Metaphors reflect insider efforts to make sense of complex ideas and concepts and reveal a great deal about a group’s relationship to its condition.
  • Framings represent our efforts to group sets of observations under descriptively meaningful headings.
  • Life Themes inform all behavior by describing the fundamental relationship between the individual and his problem and highlight the conflict between action and inaction; are ultimately about the concept of self and ego enhancement; motivate actors, even if they do so sub-consciously and provide the key to self-actualization; reveal the true meaning that people get from brands; particularly if we see brands as consumer coping strategies; are most eloquently expressed through paradoxes and tensions
  • Paradoxes inform identity by indicating the significant life choices individuals make. Where dilemmas describe problems and obstacles, paradoxes present opportunities and define solutions.

Our tools allow us to determine how emotions access data and how data accesses emotions.

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