Gad Romann

Gad Romann

Founder and president of Brandwidth, believes that great ideas can save brands — and maybe the world.

Gad Romann is the guy who walks in with the unusual: a breakthrough strategy, a new concept, a   creative execution that impacts, if not changes, the category he’s working in. He’s a highly undisciplined thinker, which makes him a total original.

He connects the functions of communications across all digital technologies into seamlessly integrated marketing. Brand Narrative is a communication approach he uses that gives way to new concepts–it mines the richness of a brand and generates new ways to express it.

An industry expert, Gad is a frequent speaker on CNN, ESPN, Fox, The NYU School of Business and Wake Forest University’s Babcock School of Management. He has held senior positions at Saatchi & Saatchi, Y&R and JWT. Gad believes in pushing the envelope. These blogs are experiments in thinking about media and communications.

Gad is the Founder and President of Brandwidth Global, a Consumer Insight company with experience in countries such as: China, India, Brazil, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia and of course the U.S.


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