Brandwidth Global

Brandwidth Global

Brandwidth unique research process will offer a deep cultural dive into cross-cultural concepts, innovative ideas and strategies.

Brandwidth team of social science researchers who are native to each culture, uncover highly  “detailed insights” from the obscure to the obvious from deep inside the cultures they are researching such as:

  • China

  • India

  • Brazil

  • Russia

  • The EU5 and of course

  • And a little country known as America

Brandwidth Global Team:

A study of leading psychological journals, conducted at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, says that our understanding of human nature comes from data has been drawn from Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic societies — playfully termed the "WEIRD people/study.”

Strength of Brandwidth: we work with an on-the-ground, native-born research team who know the language and the people, and who are able to detect the original cultural symbols related to beliefs, attitudes, lifestyle, traditions and modern tastes etc. Each country and society with its own culturally specific behaviors and concepts is viewed as a case study.

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We study human behavior to identify insights that drive growth.

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